Below you will find a few of my Dahlia photographs 







Just Be yourSelf 
and follow your Joy 
'tis the voice of your Soul's guiding Light 

For the feeling of Joy 
is the physical translation 
Of Being One with your Spirit so bright 







Image ref: 1109020506








You came here to Be

the Beauty You Are 

To emanate The Presence

of your own Soular Star  








Image ref:  5854








the Love & the Light that You Are

and emanate the Presence

of your own Soular Star 








Image ref: 2875







Open yourself to the magic 
that new beginnings bring 

Go do whatever it is 
that makes your Spirit sing









Image Ref:  6677








Follow your passion

whate'er that may be 

'tis the song of your Soul

singing to thee








Image Ref:  5853




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