Dahlia Delights

with inspirational quotations








It’s your mind that’s concerned for the future
It’s your mind that remembers the past
Stay in your Heart & be Present with Now
Where each moment is timeless & vast




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Simply just Being
Quiet & still
Allows more of your Presence
Your body to fill





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Open your Heart
to your own Inner Wisdom
That silently waits recognition

You already Are
all that you seek
Beyond pre-conceived definition  




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Let your Inner LIGHT shine
through all that you do
Emanate the pure radiance
of BE-U-tiful YOU!




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Open your Heart
to the Pure Essence of You
To live from this space
Is all you need ‘do’




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You came here to Be
To Be Who You Are
To radiate The Light
Of Your Own Soular Star





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All will unfold in its own perfect moment
Know this for sure & for now be content






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Beauty in its many forms

is the presence of Heaven on Earth 








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