Heaven Is a State of Being

Turn Your Eyes To Heaven 
Know Heaven's all around 
It's not really up above 
For everywhere It's found 

It's not a place we go to 
When we 'appear' to die 
It's here & now for all to find 
Just look with inner eye 

It's snow upon a mountain 
'neath clear blue azure sky 
It's rustling leaves upon the trees 
That whisper with a sigh 

It's birdsong in the morning 
As we do greet the day 
It's sparkling dazzling raindrops 
As they do dance and play 

'tis the Beauty of all Nature 
That fills Ones Heart & Soul 
A feeling of such Oneder 
There's nought it can't console 

It's our vibrant living Mother 
In perfect majesty 
Creation born of Purest Love 
Abounds for all to see 

Yes Heaven's all around us 
And also deep inside 
It Is a state of Being 
When Heart's are open wide 

Poetry ©  Mary Josephine Hession 

with love & gratitude for the use of this beautiful image of Julie Andrews

from the opening scene of  The Sound of Music,

which expresses the Pure JOY of BEing in Heaven on Earth so magnificently