Rose Heaven

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Love doth speak without a word
In silent Joy Love’s song is heard



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Be as a beautiful flower
Unfolding your petals Divine
Revealing The Heart of your Being
Allowing Love's fragrance to shine





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Enjoy every moment as Life doth unfold
The Beauty of Gaia's a joy to behold





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If you indulge in your passion
whatever that is
You’ll find yourself living
in Peace Joy & Bliss

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May The Garden of your Heart

blossom & grow
Divinely unfurling 

it's Beauty to show




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Soft & gentle
so Divine
Purest Love
through Her doth shine





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Peace & harmony come from within
Not from perceived outside things
For all that you see does come forth from Thee
'tis You that manifests all that Life brings





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The Pure Language of Love
speaks not a word
It vibrates in The Stillness
where It’s message is ‘heard’




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Don’t get lost
in the labyrinths of your mind
Your own Sacred Heart
is all you need find





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