Magnificent Mums 





Peaceful & quiet 
Simply just Being 

The Beauty in stillness 
Is so powerfully freeing 




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Every Moment Is Wholey 
Every Moment Divine 

When you live Life in Love

with Joy in your Heart 
And allow Your True Essence to shine 



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Open your Heart

and reach for The Light 

In Joy of just Being

Loves Beauty so bright 




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The beauty of being

simply oneself 

Brings great joy & peace

and natural health




Image Ref:  1023



The Love that you feel 
is the Love that You Are 

It comes from within 
not some place afar




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Joy is a dynamic state of Being 

To follow your passion,

is ever so freeing 




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The more you just Be

the Truth of your Self 

The more you can access

your own Inner Wealth




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Breathe in these colours 
and feel their vibration 

Let them fill you with Life-force 
and JOYous elation



Image Ref:  8917



Life Is simply Onederful 
In all Its diverse ways of Being 

'tis just from different perspectives 
That everyOne is seeing




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