Below you will find some more

Inspirational Quotes

on my own photographic art





Follow your passion 
whatever that is 

It’s destined to lead you 
to true Joy & Bliss 



Image Ref:  1573



Allow the spark of creation

to rise & glow 

When you're being creative

you're in the flow



Image Ref:  Allow3507


When you are contented 
to simply BE yourSelf 

That's when you uncover 
your Sacred Inner Wealth



Image Ref:  2709


Stop all the striving
and simply just ‘BE’

The Love & The Light
that’s The Essence of Thee


Image Ref:  7357


Shifting & changing

in constant transition 

Your reality re-’forms’

to reflect your transmission 


Image Ref:  1114


'Home' Is Being

in your own Sacred Heart

And that is within you

wherever thou art 



Image Ref:  Home9793


 You Are so much more 
than what you 'think' that you are 

Delve into your Heart 
and discover your own Soular Star 



Image Ref:  1830


Just BEing

the LOVE & the LIGHT that You Are

Affects All That Is

both near & far!



Image Ref:  3632


Open your Heart
let your inner Light shine

Remember remember
that YouAre Divine!


Image Ref:  7822

 Allow your own

Inner Sun to shine 

Remember remember t

hat You Are Divine!



Image Ref:  Allow6080


Spare just a moment

to slip out of your mind

Into your Heart

where Love’s Presence you’ll find



Image Ref:  3621


Shine on 

Stand in The Light

of your own Inner Sun!



Image Ref:  1830


There is no “up there” or “outside” 

‘tis within your own Consciousness

that you abide!



Image Ref:  ThereIsNo



Open your Heart ~ what do you see?
I hold a message, uniquely for thee! 




Image Ref:  2993


A dimension's a frequency

emanating from YOU 

In-'form'-ed "out there"

for you to view 



Image Ref:  ADimension


Let go of attachments
& simply just 'BE' 

EnJOY being You 
vibrant & free



Image Ref:  3697



In Gaia's Heart
Pure Light doth shine 

Awakening the power
of The Feminine Divine



Image Ref:  6609



More images coming soon

as I continue to create my new website


in the mean time

you can find more of my photographic art on my facebook page 

HeART LIGHT by Mary Josephine Hession