Becoming … 


I Am my father 
I Am my mother 
I Am the child in my womb 

I Am the SunLight 
Water & air 
I'm the earth from whence all doth bloom 

I Am becoming 
Becoming my Self 
Realising the truth of My Being 

I Am reclaiming 
Reclaiming my power 
Reformed in all knowing & seeing 

I Am gestating 
The seeds of my Self 
Abiding my time to give birth 

I Am preparing 
Preparing the ground 
To produce new young shoots in the earth 

I Am the gardener 
I garden myself 
For the gardener & garden are same 

I Am The Life Force 
The Life Force Is Me 
I'm Love's Eternal Pure Flame 

I Am The Light 
That glows in the dark 
I'm the silence observing My Being 

I Am the writer 
I write to myself 
I'm the words the reader is seeing 

© Mary Josephine Hession