Below you will find more of my photographic art



Open yourself

like a flower to the Sun 

And 'BE' LOVE's Golden LIGHT

for everyOne



Image Ref:  8807

 When Love & Light

do merge as One 
and unify inside 

You become Whole 
centered & balanced 
and in LoveLight's Pure Peace you abide 


Image Ref:  1109230183



Golden Wisdom so Divine 
Within The Heart of Love doth shine




Image Ref:  2241


Always trust your feelings
more than any word 

For the Soul does speak in frequency 
where all is felt & heard



Image Ref: 1112


Life & Love
Are One and the same

Two labels applied
to The One Wholey Flame


Image Ref: 0162


Stand strong in The Light 
that dwells within You 

And let it shine brightly
that's all you need 'do'



Image Ref:  111210014



The Great Sovereign Power

that you believe is "up there"  

Abides deep within You 
in Light 'yond compare 



Image Ref:  8962


Goddess of Compassion 
Love & Beauty too 

Feel Her Divine Presence 
As She does link with you 



Image Ref: 2233


 Love abounds for all to share

It lives within 'twas always there 

No special person place or thing 
'tis Love Itself that makes Hearts sing 



Image Ref:  3632


 I'm beyond comprehension

don't seek Me with mind 

Enter your Heart 
where All you will find



Image Ref:  8668




Golden Wisdom so Divine 
Within The Heart of Love doth shine




Image Ref:  1113


All that you're seeking 
doth dwell deep inside 

Open your Heart 
and in Oneder abide



Image Ref:  1106020348

Oh what a surprise 

when you look with Love's eyes 
All manner of things can you see


Heart to Heart 
and Soul to Soul 
Orchid Fairy is looking at thee


Image Ref:  1112100054


Welcome to the future 
a voice said from the past 

All experienced here & now 
in timelessness so vast 



Image Ref:  1105100189



Shine your LIGHT

for all to see

Radiate the LOVE that is

The Essence of Thee


Image Ref:  1681



Golden Wisdomso Divine 


Within The Heart of LOVE doth shine



Image Ref:  4077


Walk your talk

for all to see 

The Love that Is

The Essence of Thee



Image Ref:  3676



Wings outstretched

in silent flight 

O'er sparkling oceans

& Cities of Light 



Image Ref:  2007


Pause and be still 
Tell me what do you feel 

If you look with your Heart 
Ancient Light will reveal



Image Ref:  1114


Open your Heart

& with inner eyes see

Two Spirit eyes

are looking at thee



Image Ref:  0275


Unfold to The Light

of your own Divine Essence 

Radiating the Beauty

of your shimmering Presence



Image Ref:  1753



Dance to the tune

that your own Spirit sings 
For all's orchestrated by You 

You are the conductor

performer & audience 
In-'form'-ing your frequencies for you to view


Image Ref:  1107210002


When you're being creative 
you're aligned with your multidimensional Self

And you're then able to access 
your Divine Infinite Inner Wealth



Image Ref:  8710



Let go of the reins 
and just go with Life's flow 

Dance with Creation 
in Love's golden glow




Image Ref:  1111


More images coming soon

as I continue to create my new website


in the mean time

you can find more of my photographic art on my facebook page 

HeART LIGHT by Mary Josephine Hession