Cosmic Ocean 

Life Is Eternal
No beginning no end 
'tis one endless journey 
As Life's tides we all wend 
There's no destination 
Just an endless Cosmic Ocean 
Adventures on the Sea of Life 
Sweet poetry in motion 
Life Is Love and Love Is Life 
And Love Is All There Is 
Infinity in timelessness 
Floating in Love's Bliss 
'tis all one great adventure 
Journeys of The Soul 
We leave the realms of Spirit 
And separate from Whole 
But only in our minds though 
For we choose to forget 
And dwell within illusion 
New course we then do set 
To sail The Divine Ocean 
To find ones Self once more 
Drifting here and floating there 
'till we reach inner shore  
Where we find the truth of Self 
No more to yearn and roam 
To realise it's all within 
We've always been at Home 
©  Mary Josephine Hession