Below you will find some

Inspirational Quotes

on my own photographic art









you wish to see 

It all begins

with you & me 






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Let your LIGHT shine

for all to see 

Radiate the LOVE

that's The Essence of Thee 






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May The Sun in your Heart 
burst into flame 

Igniting within you 
your own Divine Flame 






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Stand strong in The Light 
that dwells within You 

And let it shine brightly
that's all you need 'do' 







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Celebrate the JOY 

of Self discovery! 









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Open your Heart 
and let your Light shine  

In the pure JOY of Being 
Love Divine!   








Image Ref:  OpenYourHeart








Miracles happen 
when you're in Joy 
For Joy is the way of the Soul 


When you're feeling pure Joy 
you're fully aligned 
with The Essence of your Divine Whole 







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is Intelligence having fun! 







Albert Einstein









Let your Heart


lead the way!






Mary Josephine Hession





Honour the Truth

that lives within you 


No matter what others may say 


Just follow your Heart

however you choose 


And the Love within  you

will light up your way





Mary Josephine Hession




Imagination is the key to freedom! 


Close your eyes

Imagine it

Sense it

Feel it

Believe it


Know it is already created

from your own magnificent

Divine Inner Kingdom 




Mary Josephine Hession







The Universe amplifies


whatever you give your attention to!






Mary Josephine Hession












It is better to light one small candle


than to curse the darkness

















Let go of all that you 'think' that you know 
Which is mostly what others have said 

Creating a space for your own inner knowing 
To rise from within instead








Image Ref:  LetGo









Reach to The LIGHT
that shines in the sky 

A RAdiant reflection
of what within doth lie





Image Ref:  1007300024







The Power Is within You


Allow It to rise!




Mary Josephine Hession


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as I continue to create my new website


in the mean time

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HeART LIGHT by Mary Josephine Hession