Life Is an Eternal Present  

Life Is an eternal present 
In the ocean of Cosmic time 
The script is written upon each shore 
Awash with poetic rhyme 
The ebbing and flowing of Life Itself 
In breaths and out breaths sublime 
Constantly changing and moving on 
Caressing the sands of time 
Each story is written upon the shore 
In magnificent Cosmic show 
They remain for a while for all to share 
Then surrender to Divine Flow 
Erasing each tale the shore is wiped clean 
Swept in majestic great style 
Returned to Life's sea from whence all is born 
Reformed in Itself to beguile 
Waves of new life again do come forth 
Their Essence the same as before 
Dancing and tumbling in waves of delight 
Cascading on new Divine shore 
Forever and ever the Tide of Creation 
Expands then contracts in Itself 
Eternally present no future no past 
Just Isness All knowing All seeing 
For All Is of now one moment Divine 
Life Itself through forgetfulness knowing 
The natural cycles of Nature Herself 
Cosmic Laws to mankind ever showing 
Poetry & photography
©  Mary Josephine Hession