The Truth of Your Being 

I'm invisible & visible 
Seen & unseen 
I'm All That There Is 
And All That Has Been 

I'm within & without 
Above & below 
I'm You & You're Me 
Love's Light that doth glow 

I'm boundless & free 
Without shape or form 
I'm fluid & lucid 
From Me All Is born 

I'm water & air 
Fire & Earth 
I'm The Spirit of Life 
Through Me All doth birth 

I'm matter that's solid 
And the space in-between 
I'm red & I'm blue 
Yellow & green 

I'm beyond comprehension 
Don't seek Me with mind 
Enter your Heart 
And there you will find 

The Truth of your Being 
In silent Pure Knowing 
I'm You & You're Me 
Radiant & glowing 

Poetry & photographic art 
©  Mary Josephine Hession