Below you will find some of my 


HeART LIGHT photographic art 


co-created with my beautiful  "Shekina Rose"  Andara 




"Shekina Rose Angel" 





Image ref: 1824



"Cosmic Ocean" 




Image ref: 1838










Image ref: 1824





"Sphinx Portal"     




Image ref: 1822



"Eternal Flame" 





Image ref: 1842








Image ref: 1828








Image ref: 1853







"Inner Sanctum"   






Image Ref: 1854








More images coming soon

as I continue to create my new website


in the mean time

you can find more of my photographic art on my facebook page 

HeART LIGHT by Mary Josephine Hession



Andaras can be purchased from the website of my Beloved SiStar of Light 

Lisa Transcendence Brown