Below you will find a few of my Dahlia photographs





Unfold to your Self 
and the Beauty of Being 

To follow your passion 
is so Onederfully freeing 




Image Ref:  1109020501



Every breath that you take is a birth 
The birth of each moment Divine 

For now's All There Is, no future or past 
In Love's Presence each moment doth shine




Image Ref:  8319



The Beauty of Gaia 
Touches all hearts 

Eternally Present 
Pure Love She imparts




Image ref:  1107150143



Look with your Heart

at all that you see 

The Pure Essence of Life

doth whisper to thee




Image Ref:  1109230162



Let your petals unfold

to the Love that You Are 

That lives in The Heart

of your own Soular star 




Image Ref:  2962



From out of dark void

new passion is born 

Life's Eternal Flame

doth Light a new dawn




Image Ref:  1109020203



Let go of the need to organise 
Let go of the need to know 

Allow your unfolding without limitation 
Just Be in your Inner Sun's glow




Image Ref:  2628



May all hearts everywhere

blossom & grow 

From Love's inner Light seed

planted aeons ago 



Image Ref:  2847



Don't try to be like anyone else 
We all have a unique vibration 

Just be yourself whatever that is 
And you'll find your own joy & elation




Image Ref:  2982



All things flow out 
from the centre of your own Sacred Heart 

Your very own creations 
to yourself you impart 




Image Ref:  2813



Without a wordI speak to you 

In radiant Light & vibrant hue

Pause for a moment & absorb my vibration 
I so love to share my joy & elation




Image Ref:  2629


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