Divine Inspirations by Mary Josephine Hession




"One Creation"





Sitting in eternity
Such Joy & Peace I feel
Filled to overflowing
In Purest Love I reel 

My body still my mind at rest
Just 'Being' in the moment
Enjoying all of Life's sweet gifts
With Love from Heaven sent 

I know not time I know not space
Content in All That Is 
In knowingness beyond mere words
My Self myself doth kiss

I Am in Love with Life Itself 
SHe fills my Heart & Soul 
Within The Essence of Pure Love
We merge in Divine Whole 

For Love Is Life and Life Is Love
The Two Are One and The Same 
As was as is will always be
Within God's Holy Name 

For God Is Love and All That Is
Pure Consciousness sublime
God's Holy Word in silence heard
Transmuted into rhyme 

Everything is energy
Moving changing growing
The Truth of Life made manifest
Itself through Life is knowing

There is nought else but Life Itself
Life Love and God Are One
And we're all aspects of The Whole 
All part of One Creation 

With love & gratitude to Christophe Vacher 
for the use of his beautiful painting