Below you will find some of my own

Inspirational Quotes

on my own Nature Photography









With each breath that you take 
And each beat of your Heart 

The Spirit of Love 
Life's gift doth impart 





Image Ref:  WithEachBreath










Open your Heart

and let Life unfold 

With Blessings so bright

& Beauty untold 







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Such Beauty & Grace
In Life’s Divine Face 









Image Ref:  4061










Pause & Be still 
and open your Heart 
To the Beauty of Life all around 


Whispers of Love 
do float on the breeze 
In silence Pure Love doth resound 





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Life Is Simply Beautiful 
Enjoy each Wholey Moment 

Take time to observe the beauty around 
And make 'now' Life's main event 







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Your Heart is your compass 
It’s guidance Divine 

So follow it’s urgings 
And with Light you will shine.






Image Ref:  3730










There comes a moment 
to simply let go 
of all that others do say 


All you need 'do' 
is simply Be You 
Enjoying yourself in your own unique way 






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Love Is the answer
Love Is the key 

The key to Your Heart
To set your Soul free 







Image Ref:  2605










Every Moment Is Wholey 
Every Moment Divine 

When you live from your Heart 
All things do shine 







Image Ref:  0516









View things that uplift you 
and bring forth a smile 

Life's filled with Beauty 
your Heart to beguile 







Image Ref:  0425











Powerfully PEACEful 
JOYful & bright





Image Ref:  0090










Nurture yourSelf

in your own Sacred Space 

All is unfolding

in Perfection & Grace 






Image Ref:  7822










Reflect on Life's Beauty 
'tis your beauty too 

For The Heart of Creation 
doth live within you 




Image Ref:  7327









Take some time

to simply just 'Be' 

Nature’s deLights

are abundant & free!







Image Ref:  7624









There are as many truths & realities 
as there are people on earth  

For each one is a universe unto oneself 
and as such 
to ones own truth does give birth 






Image Ref:  1107150273










Focus only on that 
which makes your Heart sing 

And watch as your Life 
doth unfold with a zing 







Image Ref:  4508







Love Joy Peace & contentment 
Freedom Beauty & Grace 

Are all states of Being

that arise from within 

When you live from

your own Divine Space






Image Ref:  4493 








The beauty of being

simply oneself  

Brings great joy & peace

and natural health 






Image Ref: 1023











At Their Source

All Are One 

All stem forth

from Central Sun 






Image Ref: 6807









Withdraw your attention

from all that’s “out there” 

Replace with the Beauty

 that Gaia doth share 








Image Ref:  3934




So many people

saying so many things 


Just whistle the tune 

that your own Spirit sings




Image Ref:  3348




Take pleasure in the little things 

By doing so 
you give your Soul wings




Image Ref:  3580



When Peace & Harmony

within abide 


You'll see it reflected

in what you perceive as outside




Imgae Ref:  1109290452



Open your Heart 
To thine own Self be true 


In the Joy of just Being 
The Love That Is You




Image Ref:  8019



To hurry & dash

through every day 


Is to miss Life's joys

in every way




Image Ref:  0705190209



The Eternal Flame

of Love Divine 

Within the Hearts of All

doth shine 



Image Ref:  6714




Profound Inner Wisdom

doth speak not a word 

'tis felt deep within

and in silence is heard 


Image Ref:  1984



Always FEEL the resonance of anything ~ 

Does it make you uneasy, 
or make your Heart sing? 




Image Ref:  1106030526



Take time to hear

Life's song with your Heart 

It's a feeling profound

that Love doth impart




Image Ref:  1004270293



You are your own Guru 


Go therefore within

& listen to You! 





Image Ref:  7333



Releasing what no longer resonates

Allows you to flow with Life's tide 


Be true to your Self

and folllow your Heart


and in Joy yu will always abide


Image Ref:  1103250145



Master and Pupil 
Both Are We 

Evolving in Self 
Joyous and free




Image Ref:  0705190188



Take time to enjoy

the beauty around 

The Blessings of Gaia

are everywhere found




Image Ref:  4698



The most importand Sacred Space 
is within your own Heart 

And you carry that with you

wherever thou art 




Image Ref:  7327



Let Love's guiding Light

grow brighter each day 

'tis your own Inner Being

lighting your way





Image Ref:  110603046



All from same Source

yet all unique 

Nature holds

many truths you seek




Image Ref:  1778



Focus not on what others

should or shouldn't do 

Leave others alone

and focus only on you!




Image Ref:  9099



Gift yourself

with a new version of you 

Let the Love that You Are

come into view




Image Ref:  7210



Joy Is 
alignment with Self 

The Source of your Being 
and true inner wealth




Image Ref:  7329



Moment to Moment 
That's All There Is 

To know this and live this 
Births sweet peaceful Bliss




Image Ref:  9160



The Beauty of Being

cannot be described 

It's a feeling sublime

that doth arise from inside




Image Ref:  6169



Change is the only constant 
Each moment all Life's born anew 

What once used to be, no longer is 
All of Nature doth show this to you 




Image Ref:  6706


Let go

of all of the shoulds & the shouldn’ts 
and all that others do say 

Just follow your own inner feelings 
in your own individual way




Image Ref:  7197


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