Misc Floral Beauties




Feed on Life's Beauty

'tis abundant & free  

'twill nourish your Soul

and energise thee 




Image Ref:  3634



With each breath that you take 
And each beat of your Heart 

The Spirit of Love 
Life's gift doth impart  




Image Ref:  1923


Many petals of LOVE 
Unfurling into the LIGHT 

Connected at Source

all ONE with each other 

In the HEART of our radiant




 Image Ref:  3255



A little bit of sunshine

to brighten your day 

May Blessings abound

as you go on your way 




Image Ref:  3430




Dare to be a flaming Angel of Light 

Allowing your Presence to glow pure & bright




Image Ref:  1107150105



Pause for a moment

and breathe consciously 

Allowing Pure Life-Force

to energise thee




Image Ref:  2431



Cherish the Joy

that each moment doth bring 

Life's filled with Beauty

to make your Heart sing



Image Ref:  1109020288



Take a leaf from Nature's book 
For You and She Are One 

Spend some time in silent Joy 
Basking in the sun




Image Ref:  2656



Savour each moment 
For now's All There Is 

Embrace All of Life 
With Love's tender kiss




Image Ref:  1109020275




Maintaining your own Inner Peace 
Despite what appears to be so 

Emanates your own peaceful vibration 
Bathing All in Love's Onederous glow



Image Ref:  2601



Reflections of Beauty

wherever I look 

I so love the content

of Life's open book




Image Ref:  4421



Cherish the Joy

that each moment doth bring 

Life's filled with Beauty

to make your Heart sing




Image Ref:  8913



Allow your true Essence

to shine & glow 

Touching all hearts

wherever you go 




Image Ref:  2990




A droplet of Love

from Gaia's Pure Heart 

Her silent embraces

She loves to impart




Image Ref:  2988



All that you're seeking

doth dwell deep inside 

Open your Heart

& in Oneder abide 




Image Ref:  9961



Without a word

I sing to you 

In Love & Light

& vibrant hue




Image Ref:  3644



Abide in the stillness 
of your own Sacred Space 

And all will unfold 
with ease and with Grace




Image Ref:  2097




Abide as a beautiful lily 
Emanating your fragrance Divine 

In the peace & the joy of your Beingness
Your Light will radiantly shine



Image Ref:  8923


Alignment with Source 
Brings a deep inner peace 
And a Joy that's beyond definition 

'tis your Spirit expressing 
Your Essence Divine 
And requires no outside recognition 



Image Ref:  2093




The Heart of Creation
doth sing Love’s Pure song

In silent elation
without word or tongue



Image Ref:  2670




No need to dissect & analyze 

Just Be in your Heart
It's all knowing & wise   




Image Ref:  5032



Pause for a moment 
Relax & just Be 

Enjoy Nature's beauty 
So uplifting & free



Image Ref:  6043



Beauty abounds

for all to see  

In vibrant peace  

& tranquility



Image Ref:  0686


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