the Queen of Flowers




Beyond mortal words 
In Radiance Divine 

The Light of Pure Love 
Forever doth shine




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The Pure Language of Light needs not a word 
'tis felt deep within and in silence is 'heard' 





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Rest in the stillness 
of The Garden of your Soul 
'tis so powerfully peaceful 
where your Being Is Whole 




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At Their Source All Are One 
All stem forth from Central Sun 





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No words are needed 
Just feel My Pure Essence 
Breathe Me into your Heart 
And Be One with My Presence




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Within The Heart of All That Is 
Dwells Love Divine in silent Bliss




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When you love & give thanks

for the Beauty you see 

More of the same

will flow unto thee





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Peace & harmony come from within 
Not from perceived outside things 

For all that you see does flow forth from Thee 
'tis You that manifests all that Life brings





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Allow The Garden of your Heart 
To blossom into The Beauty of your Soul 

In the fragrance of Spirit 
Where all's pristine & whole




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Love's Sacred Heart is open wide 
And beckons thee to step inside 





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Love Joy Peace & contentment 
Freedom Beauty & Grace 

Are all states of Being that arise from within 
When you live from your own Divine Space 




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May your Sacred Heart blossom 
In great Beauty untold 

As The Love That You Are 
To Pure Light doth unfold 




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Nothing is greater 
than the power of Pure Love 

And It All Is within you
not some place "above"




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Life doth unfold in

JOYous elation 

Once you're aware

 it's all your creation 




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Within The Heart of All That Is 
Divine Wisdom glows 

Emanating silently 
To All Love's radar flows




Image Ref:  8256



Every Moment Is Wholey 
Every Moment Divine 

All unique opportunities 
To let Your Light shine




Image Ref:  2230



Love simply Is 
Its Beauty abounds 

In the colours of Nature 
Life's Love Song resounds




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