Divine Inspirations by Mary Josephine Hession




"Honour The Earth"



Honour the earth

as you walk on your way 
And shower Her with kisses 
as you go through your day 

Send Her Pure Love 
from the depths of your Heart 
Say thank you I Love You 
for all you impart 

Thank Her for food 
that abundantly grows 
Thank Her for water 
that continuously flows 

Thank Her for air 
to nourish your Being 
Thank Her for Beauty 
in all that you're seeing 

Thank all Her kingdoms 
that dwell here for you 
Plant Life & minerals 
and animals too 

Don't take Her for granted 
be present aware 
Treat Her with kindness 
for all She doth share 

She feels all your Love 
for the Earth Is alive 
When you show your respect 
you help Her to thrive 

Nurture and Love Her 
with all of your might 
And help Her transcend 
back into Pure Light 

Mary Josephine Hession