Below you will find some of my

Photographic Art








Allow your heart’s energy 
to be expressed in every moment 

Powerfully peacefully
in Joy effervescence! 







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So many people are asking 
What am I meant to do? 

The answer is simple ~ 
Just live from your Heart
and BE the Pure Essence of YOU! 







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Remember all Beings

within are Divine 
Even though many

don't let their Light shine 

Allow them the space

to find their own way 
Just BE as a beacon

of LIGHT come what may 






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Bringers of the dawn
Turn to Inner Sun

Dance to your own rhythm
Oh joyous Hearts of One









Image Ref:  7346







Gaia's Heart is open wide 
Inviting you to step inside 

Pause for a moment 
and breathe in Her Essence 
Which is flowing to you 
From Her Divine Presence 







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May you be Blessed with peacefulness 

For when you're in peace All are Blessed










Image Ref  5512






When your Heart is open
and you live from that space 


Your Life will be filled
with Beauty & Grace  








Image Ref:  1499






Please be aware 
that all you need 'do'
is to 'BE' the LoveLight that You Are 


Stay centred in LOVE 
Balanced in LIGHT 
and radiate Your Presence afar








Image Ref:  8667







You cannot 'fix' any other person or thing 
for you leave your own path when you do


You assist All That Is 
when you remain peaceful and calm 
and just 'BE' The Pure Essence of You






Image Ref:  1106030404









Let Love's golden flame

burn steady & bright 

Lighting the way

through the dark of the night 










Image Ref:  7357







BE as a Pillar of LIGHT

Emanating Your Essence

pure & bright









Image Ref:  1006100309









The candle flame 
doesn’t worry about the darkness


It simply shines its Light 
and all doth Bless 









Image Ref:  1106020362


More images coming soon

as I continue to create my new website


in the mean time

you can find more of my photographic art on my facebook page 

HeART LIGHT by Mary Josephine Hession